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The collections management and digital exhibition publishing tool chosen by leading museums, libraries, and cultural institutions around the world.

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Cultural heritage specialists at The Harvard Library, The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, and the Center for Hellenic Studies at Harvard University use Orpheus to preserve and share their cultural works.
The Charlie Archive at the Harvard Library Oral Tradition Beyond Words Digital Exhibition

Simply beautiful.

Admire your cultural works in a design system where content is king, and less is more.

Instantly findable.

Find your items quickly with a performant “fuzzy” search that finds things faster than you can say “Marco Polo”.

Extensive metadata.

You have all the tools to pack your items with metadata. Add as many descriptive properties to your items as needed. The sky’s the limit.

Packing a whole lot more.

All media inclusive.

Upload everything from text, PDFs, books, images, audio, video and 3D. Whatever cultural works you have, we’ll accommodate for them.

Organise into collections.

Neatly group items in any way you like. Each item can belong in multiple collections like “Household items” or “Featured works”.

Share it, or keep it private.

You have full privacy control of your data. You can either share it as a digital exhibition, or keep it only for yourself.

Linked Open Data built in.

Embrace the future of data sharing with out-of-the-box support for LOD.

Export your data.

You can always jump ship. We’ll be sad, but that’s beside the point. At any time you can contact us and we’ll organise a full data export.

Your data is your data.

Ownership and copyright of your data belongs to you, and only you. Always.

Annotate images.

Describe minute details in artwork or photographs. Annotations provide contextual information without getting in the way.

Safe and sound.

Orpheus is powered by AES-256 encryption and encrypted backups come standard.

Under consideration for Q1, 2020.

Multi-user accounts.

Get your whole team on board, and set different permission levels for different people.

3D Virtual Tours.

Experience a space in full 360° whether on mobile, web or VR. By the way, we also have a 3D scanning offering.

Full accessibility compliance.

WCAG 2.0 compliance. People using screen readers and other assistive technology will be fully accomodated for.

Automagic tagging.

Less time spent on menial tasks. Upload a picture of a table and the tag “table” will be added automatically.

Metadata standards.

A plug-n-play metadata standard feature, where you specify a common standard you want to comply by, and voilà.

Automatic data export.

Yes, you can contact us for a full data export at any time, but that’s so 90s. Should be a click of a button.

Have an opinion on what we should focus on? We’re all ears.

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